About Me

Hello, everyone!  I am Jenn and I will be your guide on this culinary journey!  Thank you for joining me as I share with you my favorite family recipes, try out some of the popular recipes going around social media, and show you some tips and tricks I have developed along the way.  I will also be taking you with me when I visit some dang delicious restaurants.  Anytime I travel, it’s my goal to find the best places to eat possible.

Jenn Eating

Cooking has always been something I have enjoyed.  I have grown up around home cooks.  Both of my parents are great cooks as well as my grandparents.  I also have a huge love for kitchen gadgets.  That can one hundred percent be attributed to my dad.  He was always buying something new and random to make something a little easier in the kitchen.  Or just because it was there and why not?  While I haven’t gone off the deep end quite like he did, I still ogle over all the toys when I come across them.  I am by no means a fancy cook so don’t come here expecting to see that.  My hope is that I will show you recipes that anyone can do, regardless of cooking skill.

Whether I make my own recipes or come across someone else’s, it’s important to me that they don’t take a lot of time (crock pot cooking time excluded), don’t have an extraordinarily long list of ingredients, and taste good.  Often, I only have limited time to prepare and eat a meal.  The faster I can make it, the better.  It also cuts down on the amount of snacking I do while I’m waiting for my food to cook.  Anyone else do that? Just me? Oh well.  I love to eat.  Another thing that is important to me in cooking is to make the food at least somewhat healthy.  There are all kinds of substitutions or reductions that can be made to drastically reduce the calorie counts in the meals we make.  I am a firm believer in a “calories in – calories out” diet plan.  You can have all the fad diets you want but I’ll stick with a well-balanced, caloric appropriate diet.  While some of my recipe plans may require you to take your palette outside the box a bit, I promise I will not lead you down some weird food path.  And I can guarantee that not all of my recipes will be healthy.  You have to indulge now and then.

Are you asking yourself what made me decide to start a cooking blog?  I’m sure I’ll be asking myself that question many times. Ha!  To be honest, this was a harebrained, half thought out idea that came to me on a Tuesday.  By Wednesday the domain name had been purchased.  Thanks to the support of my friends and family I shared my idea with, I jumped in with both feet.  Just Bring Ice is not my only blog.  I also own and operate 7 Mile Designs where I build furniture and home décor.  I blog about the different projects I take on and show you how to do them yourself.  It’s been a fun ride so, if you find yourself so inclined, please check it out.

Now to answer the burning question you all have been asking yourselves.  What on earth does “just bring ice” mean?  Let me explain the backstory.  It starts on Thanksgiving a few years ago.  My mom always prepares a huge spread for Thanksgiving and generally does it all by herself.  That particular year, I asked if there was anything she wanted me to do to help out.  She told me to just bring a bag of ice for drinks.  So, I did.  Not long after that, I came across the following meme:

I had to send it to her and laugh about her request to have me bring ice instead of making a dish.  She laughed and that was that, never to be mentioned again.  As I was trying to think of a name for this blog (not at all an easy task), that little story popped into my head again.  Just Bring Ice was catchy, something I wouldn’t be ashamed of five years from now, and, most importantly, different from anything else out there.  I ran it by my mom to see what she thought and she loved it.  She also reassured me that the request to bring ice was not an indicator of my cooking abilities, just the fact that she had everything else covered.

I’m excited to go on this journey with you all.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more goodies that may not make it to the blog.  And if you happen to ever have a meal with me, please don’t judge me for not allowing you to eat until I have taken pictures of whatever was ordered.