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Whew-ee!  Getting this site up and ready for blog posts has been like trying to clean your house for company in the 20 minutes before they arrive.  Basically, this was all set up very quickly so I could begin sharing with you.  Almost a year and a half ago, I brainstormed the idea for this blog – a food blog where I could share my own recipes, popular recipes found online, and the random restaurant reviews when I traveled.  Then everything stalled.  I’ll spare you the details (because they don’t matter and you don’t care) but the important thing is that I’m here and ready to rock and roll.

The first thing you probably want to know is who the heck is cooking for you.  We’ll, I’m Jenn.  I live in Oklahoma and I love good food.  But really, who doesn’t love good food?  You can find a more in-depth bio for me here but here are three very important food related facts about me – 1. I never “forget” to eat.  I see people say this a lot but I cannot fathom how that’s possible.  How do you forget a vital part of living?  2. Cucumbers are the Devil’s fruit.  I absolutely hate cucumbers and can taste and smell them from a mile away.  If a cucumber touches any other food, I cannot eat that food because it is contaminated.  On the flip side, if you pickle a cucumber, I am allll over that.  3. If I were stuck on desert island and could only have one food, it would be a potato.  I’ve never met a potato in any form that I didn’t like.  Carbs 4Evr.

The second thing you probably want to know is what does Just Bring Ice mean.  Well, naming blogs is hard.  You have to come up with something creative, catchy, and that hasn’t been used before.  Sometimes it seems like all the good names are taken.  My first idea was definitely taken and a few times over.  One day it finally hit me.  I recalled a Thanksgiving dinner where I offered to bring a dish or otherwise help my mom prepare the meal.  You see, for as far back as I can remember, my mom has pretty much prepared an entire Thanksgiving spread by herself.  Many times, it seemed like she did it all between 8 am and noon when dinner was served although I’m sure she prepped some of the food the night before.  My job was just to bring my Tupperware so that I could take home the leftovers.  So back to this specific time I asked what to bring.  She told me to bring a bag of ice.  That was it.  So, I did.  A short time later, I came across a meme that made me question that exchange.

I laughed when I saw it and sent it to my mom.  She assured me that my cooking abilities were not the motivating factor behind her request for a bag of ice.  It was simply that she had everything covered.  Really, y’all!  I would not be starting a food blog if I could not cook.  That would just be silly.  So, I took that idea to create my blog name but flipped it to mean, “Tell your guests to just bring ice because you have everything else covered.”

I love to cook.  That’s mostly because I love to eat but cooking is still high up there on the list of things I like to do.  If given the choice, most days I would prefer to have a home cooked meal as opposed to a restaurant meal.  Don’t count me out for a night out on the town, though!  Some of my favorite foods just can’t be recreated at home.  I also love to share good eats whether I make them at home or find them at a hole in the wall restaurant.  Just Bring Ice is where I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite recipes, testing out popular recipes found online, and letting you in on some fantastic places to score some grub.  My cooking style is minimal effort with a dose of healthy-ish-ness.  I get that we don’t all have time to spend a large chunk of the day preparing a meal and we want to keep it at least somewhat healthy.  I also don’t like to spend a lot of time standing over a stove going through a ton of steps to get dinner on the table.  While I can’t promise everything will be healthy (I’m looking at you cheese and fried potatoes), many of the things I cook will have healthier alternatives subbed in.  One thing I can promise you is that you will not see a ground turkey swap for ground beef.  Uh uh, no way, not gonna happen.

That’s it for the short and sweet introduction.  I hope it…whets your appetite…to keep coming back.  Okay, no more food puns.  I’m not good at them and I felt the eye rolls from here.  But for real, I hope you’ll join me on this new venture.  At the very least, you’ll find something good to eat.


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